Another Escort Report: Using LeoList as an Escort in Canada in 2020

LeoList is the most significant site for classifieds in Canada. For a while now, it has been depended on as a place for escorts to advertise themselves for potential clientele. Previous to LeoList, Backpage was the more popular classified site for this sort of purpose, but that was unfortunately cancelled back in 2018. Although the fallout from Backpage’s shutdown initially caused a bit of dismay, LeoList has stepped up and become the go-to classified page for escort services, even though many specialized escort advertising pages have also popped up.
Although many are choosing to go with more specialized pages, some prefer classifieds. For this reason, I’m going to take a quick look at LeoList, telling you all about the experience of using this site as an escort, as well as what I’ve gathered from the perspective of clients.
All About LeoList
Many have heard of LeoList, but it has surprisingly flown under the radar for many Canadians. It is a lot like Craigslist in its layout– certainly more so than something like Kijiji. Being a general classifieds site, there are all sorts of products and services for sale, as well as jobs being advertised, and random odds and ends that have absolutely nothing to do with sex!
Still, LeoList (based out of Hong Kong originally) has a reputation for being a site for escort ads and related content, especially since 2018. As it rises in popularity, it also seems to be extending its reach to non-sex-work related services, products, and ads, but the primary usage does seem to be for escorts and those seeking us.
If you are really committed to the site, you can consider investing in their new cryptocurrency, which is advertised on the site… But something tells me that isn’t why you’re on LeoList, right?
Canadians Love LeoList
Compared to the rest of the Western world, and some of the East, Canada has some pretty strict laws regarding advertising for sex workers like myself. It’s a real pain in the neck for a lot of us– we’re just trying to make a living! These obstacles have a lot to do with LeoList’s popularity, I think!
There are all sorts of difficulties around the legal status of advertising for a sex worker– mostly because it is technically not allowed for us to put out ads explicitly advertising the sale of sex or sexual activities. Although some workers, ads, and sites will break this law and directly advertise, they are really running a risk. Not all countries have these strict rules, and I personally think Canada really needs to make some progress on this issue!

When sites like Backpage get shut down, largely due to the activity of sex workers and our clients, it’s a huge blow to our livelihoods as escorts. Myself, my clients, and many other escorts were devastated when Backpage was shut down, and it seriously had a super negative impact on our earnings and lives. But we got creative. LeoList is one of the places we set up shop, and so far, so good.
I won’t continue to stress the social justice element of this too much, but LeoList is really important. No matter what, people are going to be interested in paying for sex– such professions are some of the oldest in human history! Safe, dependable platforms make things better for everyone. LeoList is facing some serious anger from members of the public who don’t understand us or our industry, but we have faith we can pull through- in the meantime, LeoList offers an excellent range of escorts, services, and price ranges for a broad clientele!
How do sites like this work for Escorts?
Really, it’s very simple.
You don’t have to register. The site has us Escorts go through a classic verification process just to make sure you’re a real human (no robots!) and then your photos are checked, just to make sure it’s not a scam. When you’re verified, you also get a discount for going through the trouble, which is great!
A lot of classified boards like this don’t bother with the verification process even though it benefits clients and escorts alike! Not every escort is verified, but as I’ve said, there are benefits to doing so. If you’re reading this– trust me, it’s worth it!
The Categories
Escorts and clients will search, advertise, and post in both the “Dating” and “Escorts” categories… Obviously, “Escorts” is most applicable to most of us, but some clients are legitimately interested in more than just escorts!
Here, the site is highly similar to something like Craigslist. There are “platonic dating”, “missed connections” and “casual dating” categories, but you will notice that advertisers don’t really discriminate, posting all over the site, in many of the subdivided pages.
Here, “Casual Dating” seems to mean amateur escorts and people just looking for sex (possibly hoping not to have to pay!) and “Personals” is where most professional agencies and individuals will post up.
Using LeoList

Sure, there are some downsides to using these classifieds instead of a more official escort advertising page, but LeoList is low maintenance and relatively safe and consistent for me and for you!

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