About Charley

Being an escort today is a pretty amazing life, and I’m thrilled to live it. I have always been entranced by the erotic, intrigued by the intensity of sexuality, and sensitive to the wants and needs of every single body I’ve ever touched and felt. Becoming an escort, for me, was a bit like satisfying one of my deepest urges, which is to broaden the horizons of as many different, unique sexual beings as possible.

Is it always as romantic as I’ve made it out to be? Of course not. Does that make me enjoy it any less? Not at all!

I find freedom in my life as an escort, a rare freedom that I never take for granted. I have fun doing this work, and I am always up to try something new with someone new. I won’t know what you want unless you tell me. And, often, when you tell me, I will be insatiably curious to try. That isn’t to say that I don’t have ground rules and boundaries, it just means I am flexible– in more ways than just one!

Part of what makes me love this work is that it isn’t my full-time employment. It’s more of a passion project, if you know what I mean? This keeps my clients happy, because I am always fresh and ready to go. The downside of my double-life? My availability is not always super open– to be put it frankly, I am in high demand, so get in touch and let’s make something work.

Writing about myself is not my strong suit. I prefer to learn about you- but does that not say something about me and my priorities?

I am young, have always been considered conventionally attractive, and have always been a high achiever. I still have all sorts of career goals, escort-related and otherwise, but I like to do what I want. And this is so much of what I want to do!

I love to travel. I love to read new books, try new things, see new parts of the world, and explore in every sense of this word– to explore. If you are looking to explore, we can explore each other together!

Seriously, I want you to reach out to me. Contact me and tell me what you want, and don’t be afraid. Trust me, when I was becoming an escort I had some fear and trepidation, too. I talk to men and women of all sorts of backgrounds and personalities who are new to this, and I always tell them the same thing. There’s nothing to be afraid of, and there’s nothing wrong with hiring an escort. If we get on the same page, our sexual journey together can benefit us both! I want to know what you desire. I want to feel your lust. I want you to carnally let go and find a sensual bliss unlike anything your body has ever experienced. I want to blow your mind.

Write me!